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All Kylie. All the time.


 Purchase Kylie’s stand-out single ‘Wow’ here

This blog is turning into 24/7 Kylie but that isn’t such a bad thing.

Here is some more unreleased tracks I will have to pace myself in posting these or we will run out of content.

Download: Kylie ‘(Everything) I Know’

Download: Kylie ‘My Image Unlimited’

Download: Kylie ‘So High’

That’s it for now.


LOVE YOU, mean it!

Woman of the moment, possibly all time


KylieX2008 Promo Shot

Reminded me of “Sometime Samurai” Kylie’s 2004 collaboration with Towa Tei.

Download: Kylie Minogue “Sometime Samurai”


LOVE YOU, mean it!


This crappy blog was created almost a year ago in anticipation for the new Kylie album. If you havn’t bought it already you definitely should it is one of the best albums of her career (purchase from amazon here).

Most of the traffic I receive is still from those searching for these Kylie tracks so naturally I thought I would share with you some of the tracks that didn’t make it on the album. Below are the mp3 downloads of all the rare alternative tracks, demos, and b-sides:

I’m In The Mood For Love (Final Version)

In My Arms (Demo Version)

All I See (Acoustic Version)

Love Is The Drug

Cherry Bomb

Do It Again

Lose Control (Version 1)

Carried Away

King or Queen

I Don’t Know What It Is

Fall For You (Version 2)

Magnetic Electric

Excuse My French

When The Cat’s Away

Rippin Up The Disco


LOVE YOU, mean it!

Your girlfriend hates me!




I have been waiting for the release of Annie’s 2nd album for four long years. It was in 2004 when she captured my heart with the release of Anniemal and with promises of new material for awhile this has been a long time coming.

Download: Annie “I Know Yr Girlfriend Hates Me!”

Download: Annie “The Crush (Richard X Remix)”

Download: Annie “Happy Without You (Riton Vocal Mix)”

Download: Annie “Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf Remix)”

First up we have the new track titled “I Know Yr Girlfriend Hates Me!”. Annie herself released this on her myspace awhile ago but only now has the video premiered.

I’m not sure if I agree with the single choice but the video is nice and I’m just happy for any scrap of new material they give us.

The Crush‘ was an attempt at a single from a 2006 that failed to attract much attention. The original is okay but this Richard X remix is much better.

I also included Happy Without You (Riton Vocal Mix) and Helpless Fool For Love (Patrick Wolf Remix). These two remixes are hands down the two best remixes of any Annie song to date and the latter is done by the love of my life Patrick Wolf but more on him later.




More Kylie…

Here are some other Kylie demos that aren’t exactly new but are some of my favourites.

(Everything) I Know
I’m Sorry
Feels So Good
Lovin’ You
Made Of Glass


All the leaked tracks

Lose Control
Fall For You
In My Arms
When The Cat’s Away
Excuse My French